Homosexual Men Persecuted by the Catholic Church

Homosexual men have contributed positively to the Catholic Faith! My posts will try to neutralize the hatred and abuse heaped on Homosexual men by the Catholic Church throughout history!


1837 - 1901

Wilhelm von Gloeden, As Christ 

Wilhem von Gloeden was a pioneer in art photography, and one of the first photographers to shoot homoerotic nudes of men and boys. Von Gloeden was famous in his own day, and admirers of his work included Oscar Wilde, Richard Strauss, Wilhelm II, Rudyard Kipling and Friedrich Nietzsche.
Upon von Gloeden's death Buciuni, by then a family man, inherited the estate and with it the trove of photographic glass plates, close to 3000 in total. In 1933 and again in 1936 Buciuni was denounced to the Fascist authorities for keeping "pornography." The house was raided and most of the glass plates were confiscated and destroyed, 1000 plates and 2000 prints in the first raid, and much of the rest in the second raid.
Today he is considered to be one of the founding fathers of gay photography, and has become a homosexual icon, whose work is widely collected, influencing numerous artists, including Robert Mapplethorpe.


Engraving for Oeuvres Libres by Verlaine


Simeon Solomon