Homosexual Men Persecuted by the Catholic Church

Homosexual men have contributed positively to the Catholic Faith! My posts will try to neutralize the hatred and abuse heaped on Homosexual men by the Catholic Church throughout history!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Apologies- Site was Censored by Google

Apparently, someone complained about my posts, as I was posting to GooglePlus (which has strict posting policies); no nudity, etc.  Since Big Google Daddy is watching everything you post using its services, it can delete, censor or remove your Profile (which is what they did to me) with impunity, so you aren't able to post.

Google has now restored my Blogger Profile, which is no longer connected to GooglePlus (good riddance to bad rubbish-I suggest you not use GooglePlus, as you are being watched).

I will be posting my musings and essay about Christianity and gayness, and all aspects of gay male life:  spirituality, love, sex, art, literature, photography, and history.  I chose St. Sebastian as he is a powerful symbol of righteous defiance in the face of religiously-motivated homophobia, bigotry and hatred.

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